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Stormship Mentors Local Vocational Students

When the Stoneham Chamber of Commerce recently asked Stormship to work on designing new banners for downtown, we realized what a great opportunity it would be for the local design students at Northeast Metro Tech. As members of their advisory board, we knew that they were always looking for real-world projects. It seemed like a win-win for all involved.

Christopher Young and Ericka Remon—Design and Visual Instructors at North East Metro Tech—were thrilled at this opportunity for their students. “Working on a real project with a real client—the Stoneham Chamber of Commerce—has been invaluable to our students. Working with  Stormship, our students had a chance to concept ideas, get sketches approved, finalize the presentations, and tie all the artwork together. It was a chance for our students to not only build upon their presentation skills, but to really understand and apply the process of working to meet client needs…” said Young.

For us, as a graphic design professionals and an artists, It was both gratifying and truly inspiring to work with the students on this project. We worked hard to find some aspect of the process that really sparked the interest of each and every student. And being able to expose them to the many facets of the creative process opened their eyes to the career possibilities available to them. 

We really love what they are doing at Northeast Metro Tech to help inspire the young people and prepare them for successful careers as adults. And we hope to continue bringing them real world projects to inspire and educate the students.

If you know a local non-profit who has a project that could be appropriate for the students, please email


This is how we make PowerPoint sexy...

Stormship can help bring your PowerPoint presentations to the next level. Our Powerpoint presentation design expertise includes:

  • Supporting your Brand – Building PowerPoint templates that incorporate, support and extend your brand.
  • Communicating your ideas – Taking complex concepts, charts, and diagrams and translating them into clear, engaging visuals.
  • Making it Dynamic – Using PowerPoint animation tools and chart tools to include live (editable) Excel data into slides.
  • Understanding your industry – Our presentation design clients include technology, healthcare, retail, financial services and more.

Visit our portfolio or our presentation design Pinterest board to see more examples of our presentation design work.

Stormship Presentation Design Powerpoint

Coretelligent Mural

Always fun designing large format murals- here’s one we did for #coretelligent
They were looking for some branded artwork for a wall in the cafeteria.