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September 15, 2010
  Apple lightens up…

We’re a company that relies on Apple hardware and Adobe software to do our thing. So back in April, we were disheartened – to put it mildly – when Apple decided to further their ban of Flash-based products from their iOS platform. Adobe had been working on a tool that would allow Flash to be published for use on Apple’s iOS products when Apple revised their developer agreement to make it undeniably clear that any apps not created following Apple’s rules would be prohibited.

Well, that sucked. Not that we were planning a jump into the App marketplace, but this threw a definite roadblock to any potential plans.

But as of last week, Apple officially relaxed its rules to allow 3rd party-generated apps back into the store. (We won’t speculate if the decision was influenced by a possible Department of Justice investigation…) And Adobe has put their tool to publish Flash to an iOS compatible format back on the production schedule.

Now if only Apple will allow Verizon Wireless to sell iPhones we’d be very happy campers.

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July 9, 2010
  My name is Anne, and I’m a Hipsta-holic

I’m addicted. Seriously. The shot of the bridge I took while driving. I know. I know. Dangerous. But seriously, get this iPhone app and you too will get the bug. Hipstamatic gives you cool Vintage Camera effects (and lots of lens and flash options) that make all your photos special.

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