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July 20, 2010
  Enhancing interactive content with real-time data

It’s rather frightening to think about how long we’ve been using Adobe Flash to deliver interactive content for our clients. Suffice to say that we have hazy memories of installing it on beige-colored Macs. Because of our fluency in the multimedia platform, we’re always looking for compelling ways to enhance the end-user experience for our clients.

One of those ways is to include real-time data to highlight a company’s capabilities and experience. Stormship recently partnered with two companies that wanted to use their real-time data in different and effective ways.

Stormship designed a new corporate website for SunEdison, a leading solar energy services company, that features live data pulled from their Solar Monitoring API. Visitors to SunEdison’s new site can see a live data stream of how many kW Hours of electricity that SunEdison’s solar grid has generated and learn what impact that has had on the environment. Additionally Stormship created an interactive map that displays all of SunEdison’s solar installations worldwide. The map application was built with Adobe Flash and pulls live data—including kW generated per site, and other site specific information—from an external API importing it on a realtime basis.

UTC Power installed a microturbine system for Clarkson University to provide combined cooling, heat and power for a new Technology Advancement Center. Given an opportunity to tell their story within a multimedia display at the center, UTC Power asked Stormship to design a demo to highlight the technology, processes, equipment and energy generated by this system.

Stormship’s solution used xml web services to pull the information directly from the microturbine system allowing the audience to experience a highly stylized and informational Flash presentation showing how much energy—electricity, heat and cooling—that the microturbine has produced up to the minute.

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