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September 15, 2010
  Apple lightens up…

We’re a company that relies on Apple hardware and Adobe software to do our thing. So back in April, we were disheartened – to put it mildly – when Apple decided to further their ban of Flash-based products from their iOS platform. Adobe had been working on a tool that would allow Flash to be published for use on Apple’s iOS products when Apple revised their developer agreement to make it undeniably clear that any apps not created following Apple’s rules would be prohibited.

Well, that sucked. Not that we were planning a jump into the App marketplace, but this threw a definite roadblock to any potential plans.

But as of last week, Apple officially relaxed its rules to allow 3rd party-generated apps back into the store. (We won’t speculate if the decision was influenced by a possible Department of Justice investigation…) And Adobe has put their tool to publish Flash to an iOS compatible format back on the production schedule.

Now if only Apple will allow Verizon Wireless to sell iPhones we’d be very happy campers.

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July 19, 2010
  So many colors, so little time

Next time you need inspiration choosing a color palette for a website or a livingroom—check out Kuler. We *love* this site. It has hundreds of fresh and inspiring palettes (and equally inspiring names like “lightly rusted” and “Rooster strut”). And its fun to play with too!

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July 16, 2010
  Flash-based simulations reduce development time for Dell

We love our jobs. And we particularly enjoy working with a client like Dell that throws all kinds of unique challenges our way. Whether it’s creating a simulation for a proposed new LCD screen workflow, or creating an interactive tool to help test product configurations with their audience before going into production—it requires creative thinking on many levels.

A recent example of this type of work is a demo we created for a new multi-touch technology that was being proposed for Dell’s laptops and netbooks. The challenge was to show a clear representation of hand movements on the touchpad while also clearly showing the resulting movements on the screen. We used video and flash-based simulation to convey the product experience and vision. This demo was used internally to gain support from Dell product teams and design management. It was then sent to external suppliers to guide them through production, and ultimately shipped with the final product for end users. The demo helped Dell to reduce development time by clearly communicating the intent to all audiences.

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